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Produced 2012
DAF-Road Roller transporter

MATCHBOX models color scheme construction group INC.


Year # Number Series Model Name Photo
2012 MB800

1-120: Highway

Road Roller WIKI page roller
2012 MB702

Matchbox 1-120: Highway

DAF XF 95 Space Cab 2012-Highway08-DAFXF95SpaceCab-Blue
2012-2013 RW009 Real Working Rigs MBX Bulldozer Inc1
2012 RW028 Real Working Rigs MBX Excavator Excavator INC Construction 20131216 JSCC
2014 MB886

1-120: MBX Construction

Ground Grinder MB-13 Ground Grinder
2014 MB687

1-120: MBX Construction

International CXT MB-17 International CXT
2014 MB946

1-120: MBX Construction

Scraper Scraper INC.2014
2014 MB918

1-120: MBX Construction

Drill Digger Drill Digger INC
2015 MB882

1-120: MBX Construction

All Terrain Crane All Terrain Crane INC
2015 MB856

5-Pack: Construction Zone

Load Lifter Load Lifter INC
2016 MB914

1-125: MBX Construction

Ground Grabber Groun Grabber INC 2016
2016 MB916 1-125: MBX Construction Dirt Smasher Dirt Smasher 2016 (INC)
2017 MB690

1-125: MBX Construction / Power Grabs

Cement Mixer 15284826 1195009167203285 3855382675984441345 n
2017 MB931 5 Pack: Construction Dump Truck Image Not Available

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