Debut Series Matchbox 1-100 Series
Produced 1999-present
Number MB409/MB875
Scale 1:70
Wasser Profis Jet Boot


The Hydroplane has come out in the following 1/70 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB34 MB39 MB44 (USA)) 1999 1-75: Oceanic/Wasser Profis/Ocean 4/5 Red Teal, white and purple stripes along side White / Plastic Clear Black Tiny Rollers 37714 (INT) 37469 (INT) 37238 (INT) 36253 (USA) China Jet Boot on German Card Wasser Profis Jet Boot
MB10 2000 1-75: Ocean Explorer 5/5 (USA) (INT) Deep Blue Orange and White side stripes, 492 Orange/ Plastic Orange Silver Tiny Rollers 96014 (USA) 96035 (INT) China Hydroplane blue
N/A 2000 Coca-Cola Series 6/6 Red White stripes, COCA-COLA Grey/ Plastic Clear Grey Tiny Rollers China USA only Hydroplane (2000 Coca-Cola)
N/A 2001 Secret Santa Cars or 5 Pack: Wings ´n´ Water Metallic Green Cartoon snakes White / Plastic Orange Black Tiny Rollers 92199 China MBX Hydroplane
N/A 2006 MP Maroon None White/ Plastic Smoke White Tiny Rollers China USA only Hydroplane (2006 USA)
N/A 2013 5 Pack: Beach Orange wave, MBX BEACH TEAM 409 White/ Plastic Blue tint Black Tiny Rollers Thailand Hydroplane (2013 5 Pack)