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Hummer Police
Produced 2001/2015-Modified model
Number MB506/MB952
Scale 1:70
MBX Hummer (4)


The Hummer Police has come out in the following 1/70 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variants Photo
Gray with Black & Blue Blue, Yellow, & White; "POLICE" Blue Yellow Four dot
5-Pack Tan with Light & Dark Gray Black, Red, & White, "ROGUE, ATTACK TEAM, 506" Red 6SpokeUtility(Black)
5-Pack Black with Gray Red & White, "WEAPONS, ARMOR, CASTLE SECURITY" Smoke Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) Black (Crown) variant
White with Black Black spotted cow camouflage Red 5 Spoke Sport (Gray) Mexico
N/A Hitch 'N Haul Tut's Treasure White with Black Gray digital camo Red Crown J4684 Mummy's Gold Playset Prototype
N/A Action Launcher Fire Truck Red with Black & Gray Black, White, & Yellow flames, "14" Clear Red Four dot MB506HummerPoliceFireTruck
N/A Sky Busters Playset Pearl White with Black & Orange Red, Blue, Black, Orange; Airplanes Blue Tint Four dot MB506HummerPoliceAirplane
MB48 2001 Pull Over! 3/5 Powder Blue with Gray & Sky Blue POLICE, 15, Orange and blue checkered stripe Silver / Plastic Black Four dot 92257 China MBHummerPoliceBlue
MB33 2002 White with Red Blue & Red "BASE 33" Blue Four dot 95229 50th Anniv. Logo on Hood with Light & Dark Red var. MB506HummerPolice50th
MB65 2003 Hero City Pumper Squad 5/5 Yellow with Gray & White City tampo, Red and Black stripes Silver / Plastic Red Four dot 97670 China Variant with extra Hero City logo on side rear Hummer2003
N/A 2004 Hero City Fire Patrol 5-Pack Dark Maroon with Orange & Blue Orange, Green, Light Blue; "FORCE 34" 7SpokeSawblade B5540 MBHCFirePatrolHummerPolice
N/A 2006 5-Pack Yellow with Black Black & White "55 DRONES 51T 49RT SAT" Smoke CrownBlack J4675 MB506DirtSeekersHummerPolice
N/A 2006 Battle Kings Polar Rescue White with Dark Gray Gray camo, Black, & Blue, "506" Smoke Crown K5531
N/A 2008 Scooby-Doo 5-Pack Red, white hatch Yellow & Orange flames, "SCOOBY-DOO" Black / Plastic Smoke Tan CrownBlack Thailand MBHummerPoliceScoobyDoo
MB8 2009 Dino Search 5-Pack Gray with Black White and Red with Dino Search logo on sides Black / Plastic Dark Smoke CrownBlack N9640 Thailand MBX Hummer (4)
MB100 2012

Island 10/10

Red with White bar and Gold hatch Orange, Black, & White, "Cave, Search & Rescue, Team 2" White / Plastic Red Tint Gold COG (White) W4861 Thailand 2000 Hummer H1 On Card MB Hummer H1 2012
MB- 2014

MBX Explorer



Olive /


Black None RingedGear Thailand Card MB-48 Hummer
Modified model (MB952)
N/A 2015 Jurassic World Tan-Brown Jurassic World Black/ Plastic Black None RingedGearPaleYellowBrown Thailand Base code(s): H14 Hummer Jurassic World
MB109 2015 1-120: MBX Heroic Rescue Blue-Yellow 03, MBX Black/ Plastic Dark smoke None RingedGearBlue Thailand Base code(s): H42 Hummer 2015

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