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Honda Ridgeline (2007)
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2007-Present
Number MB705
Designer Ryu Asada
Scale 1:69
100 0907


The Mountain Bike World Championships are under way in the massive Whistler Mountain Range. getting to the event is no problem for you and your crew in your Honda ridgeline with its 4-wheel drive and spacious passenger seating. Get ready for 3,000 vertical feet of rocks, roots and smokin' tires!


The Honda Ridgeline (2007) has come out in the following 1/69 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB57 2007 MBX Metal Light Blue Black/Plastic Clear Black M007 - 6909bf Ridgeline1


MBX Metal Light Blue Black/Plastic Clear Black M007 - 6909bf Larger Rims MB-57 Honda Ridgeline
MB57 2007 MBX Metal Red Black with Honda logo Black/Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf L5035 Thailand

Large Rims

2007 Silver Red and black with mud splashed Brown/Plastic Smoke Black Muddy Decal Rims Ridgeline4


Amazon Adventure set Flat Black Island Adventure Touring Black/Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf Target Exclusive Ridgeline5
MB80 2008 Outdoor Adventure 5/12 Black Orange and white stripe with Gray Honda logo and Gray and White "12" on sides Black / Plastic Clear Gray M007 - 6909bf M5350 Thailand 0880Ridgeline
N/A 2008 Adventure 10-Pack Gray White and Blue lighting bolt Black/Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf Thailand Ridgeline6


Hitch N Haul

Gray Black/Plastic Clear Black M007 - 6909bf 2008 Vacation Day RL


Superfast Dark Cherry Pearl OEM Brush Guard, says "Ridgeline" in rear window Black/Plastic Smoke Black M004f Ridgeline7
MB97 2009 Outdoor Sportsman 9/12 Metalflake Pale Blue Black, Blue and Silver with Sport Fishing Experience logo on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Gray M007 - 6909bf P2980 Thailand 0997-HondaRidgeline
2009 Beach Patrol 5-Pack White Black and Orange stripes with Beach Patrol Lifeguard logo on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Beige M007 - 6909bf N9641 Thailand HondaRidgelineBeachwhite
MB82 2010 Outdoor Sportsman 9/10 Metallic Olive Green Green w/ Glossy Black Stripes & Wheel Arch Black / Plastic Clear Beige

M007 - 6909bf

R5016 Thailand Glossy Black Ridgeline8
MB82 2010

Outdoor Sportsman 9/10

Metallic Oiive Green Green w/ Flat Black Stripes & Wheel Arch Black/Plastic Clear Beige

M007 - 6909bf

Flat Black

MB82 2010 Outdoor Sportsman 9/10 Silver Green and Black Stipes with Woods Decal on front door and Overland on Back Quarter Panel Black / Plastic Clear Black

M007 - 6909bf

T1537 Thailand 100 0907
N/A 2011 Camping Adventure 5-Pack Metallic Sand Honda logo, Ridgeline, 4X4, etc Black / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf V0311 Thailand
N/A 2012 Outdoor Sights 5-Pack Black Honda logo, Ridgeline, 4X4,etc Black / Plastic Orange Black M007 - 6909bf W5188 Thailand Base Code(s): E19

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