Highway Maintenance Truck
Debut Series 1-75 Series
Produced 1990-Present
Number MB222 MB652 MB954
Designer Chevrolel
Scale 1:83

This model is also known as Plow Master 6000.  It formerly had a Chevrolet emblem on the front but is no longer licensed and the emblem has been removed. The MB652 does not have a plow.


The Highway Maintenance Truck has come out in the following 1/83 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Plow Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo

1990 1991

1-75 (ROW) Yellow AIRPORT AUTHORITY 45 Black / Plastic Amber Yellow 65px-8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf China Maintenance Truck 1990-91
MB45 1992


1-75 Yellow & red INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY 45 Black / Plastic Amber Red 65px-8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf China HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE TRUCK on base. Highway Maintenance Truck MB222
MB11 1998 1-75: Big Movers 6/10 MATCHBOX UNIT 45, ROAD CREW Black / Plastic Amber Black 65px-8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf China Maintenance Truck 1998
MB79 2000 Snow Explorer 4/5 Neon Yellow DOT 103, No Riders, GVW6500, Mountain on side Gray / Plastic Blue Gray 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 96374 China Highway Maintenance Truck Yellow


50th Birthday Series 39/50 Dark Blue North Dakota Roughrider Snow Removal Gray / Plastic Orange Orange 7SpokeSawblade 97536 China Ighway Maintenance
MB20 2003 Public Works 5/5

Dark Green

20, Ram in Beige and blue Silver / Plastic Orange Orange 7SpokeSawblade 97715 China HiwayMaintenanceTruck2003
N/A 2003 5 Pack: On the Jobs Orange 263, Worker tampo Grey/ Plastic Orange tint Yellow 7SpokeSawblade China Highway Maintenance Truck (2003)
N/A 2006 Construction 5-Pack Medium Orange 222, Engineering, Star seal Chrome / Plastic Smoke N/A 7SpokeSawblade Thailand HighwayMaintenceTruckorange
2007 White Wilderness Respone Vehicle, Glacier, Unit 222 Silver / Plastic Blue N/A CrownBlue Thailand HighwayMaintananceTruckwhite
MB44 2007 MBX Metal Yellow with Dark Gray Dump Bed Street Maintenance Chrome / Plastic Smoke Chrome Yellow M007 - 6909bf K9497 Thailand No Plow

Plow Master 6000 on card

MB-44 Highway Maintanence Truck
N/A 2008 10-Pack Orange East Westville, Highway Maintenance Black / Plastic Yellow N/A SawbladeBlack Thailand HighwayMaintenanceTruckorange
MB69 2008 Farm 6/6 Metalflake Dark Brown Yellow, Light Blue, Orange and Green with "Seed Spreader" and "It's Always Sunny Here!" on sides Black Amber N/A SawbladeBlack M5344 Thailand No Plow 0869PlowMaster
MB74 2009 Highway Maintenance 5/6 Lime Green with Black Dump Bed Black, White and Yellow with "Asphalt Repair" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear P2968 Thailand "Plow Master 6000" on card 0974-PlowMaster
MB74 2009 Highway Maintenance 5/6 Silver with Blue Dump Bed Black, White and Blue with "Asphalt Repair" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear P6511 Thailand "Plow Master 6000" on card, Base Code(s): B48 0974PlowMaster
N/A 2009 10-Pack Beige with Dark Gray Dump Bed White, Black, Yellow and Red with "Highway Maintenance" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray Ringed Gear Thailand MBX Highway Maintenance Truck (2)
N/A 2010 City Heroes 10-Pack Orange with Black dump bed Black, White, Blue and Red with Highway Maintenance tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray M007 - 6909bf R0620 Thailand Highway Maintenance Truck - 02545df
MB75 2012 MBX 1-120: Arcric 5/10 Blue with Gray Dump Bed HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE, a, TUNDRA DIVISoN, 3. Black/ Plastic Smoke Gray Wheel White 2012 Thailand Highway Maintenance Truck 2012
MB26 2013 MBX Construction 26/120 Yellow with Gray dump bed Black, White, Orange, with MBX City Services Black / Plastic Orange Smoke Gray M004f Y0649 Thailand

Base Code(s): F17, F18

"MBX S.C.R. 2200" on card

MB-26 Highway Maintenance Truck
N/A 2014 5-Pack: Arctic Adventure Green MBX ARCTIC Black/ Plastic Smoke Gray WhiteOpenDot10SpokeChrome Thailand Base code(s): Highway Maintenance Truck 2014 5Pack

MB954 - (Modified model).

MB33 2014 MBX Construction 33/120 Dark Silver-Yellow 3, MBX City Services, No63 Yellow/ Plastic Smoke Yellow (Plow chassis components) 6SpokeUtilityGunmetal Thailand Base code(s): G40 Highway Maintenance Truck 2014a
MB33 2015 MBX Construction 33/120 Orange/ Gray mt, MBXTECH Black/ Plastic Smoke Plow chassis components 6SpokeSportDkGray BDV64 Thailand Base Code(s): H15 Highway Maintenance Truck 2015 MB33
MB36 2017 MBX Construction 36/125 Mint Green/ White 15, FOREST SERVICE Black/ Plastic Smoke Plow chassis components M007 - 6909bf Thailand Base Code(s): K02 Highway Maintenance Truck (2017 Forest)