Halley's Comet Commemorative
Produced 1985 / 1986
Halley's Comet Hood Emblem 20120707 JSCC

The Halley's Comet Cars are a series of mainline car released in Halley's Comet commemorative colors, on the return of the comet for 1985 - '86. These cars featured black paint with Halley's Comet tampos.


The following vehicles were part of the Halley's Comet commemorative series:

Model Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
Pontiac Firebird SE Black / Metal Clear Grey Wire-Wheel-Starburst Macau 8212 Pontiac Firebird Blk
Mercury (police car) Black / Metal Dark blue Wire-Wheel-Starburst Macau Mercury Police Halley's Comet 20120704 JSCC
Chevy Pro Stocker Black / Metal Clear Red Wire-Wheel-Starburst Chevy Pro Stocker Halleys Comet 20120525 JSCC

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