Greyhound Coach
Debut Series 1 - 75
Produced 1967 to 1971 [1]
Number 66
Coach (No 66, Superfast wheels)

Description Edit

A shortened version of Greyhound PD-4501 Scenic Cruiser Coach from around the 1950ies. This model has only three pair of big panorama side windows in the back, instead of four like the real world model. The number of seatings is reduced accordingly.

The regular wheels Matchbox Greyhound Coach first two axles travel on a flexible plastic bar, recreating one of the most advertised feature of the 1950ies Scenic Cruiser: Air-ride suspension. The trailing axle isn't load bearing and has no suspension. It is just attached through a pair of o-shaped holes to allow vertical travel together with the other two.


This model of a GMC coach in Greyhound livery has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Labels Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
66 1967


1 - 75 Silver Regular wheels England COACH on baseplate 6666 Greyhound Coach
66 1970


1 - 75 Silver Superfast wheels England COACH on baseplate Coach (No 66, Superfast wheels)


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