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Ford Transit (1995)
Debut Series Superfast
Produced 1996-2005, 2012
Number MB281 (no roof lights)
MB431 (roof lights)
Scale 1:63
Ford Transit 2003-04

See also Ford Transit (1987)

See also Ford Transit (2007)


The Ford Transit has come out in the following 1/63 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes Photo

MB281 (No roof lights)Edit




Mainline Light Blue Surfing scene Blue/ Plastic Clear Light Gray Eight dot rims China ROW Editing Ford Transit (1996 ROW)
MB25 1998 (INT) Red Vinnie, Pizza Black / Plastic Clear Gray Eight dot rims 36276 (INT) China Ford red
MB05 1998 Series 1 (INT)) White Blue waves, orange and black surfer tampo, orange sun Blue / Plastic Clear Gray Eight dot rims 33429 (INT) China Ford Transit Van Series 1
MB14 1999 Flughafen (INT) White

Lufthansa 88-786, yellow stripe, Flag

Black / Plastic Clear Off-White Eight dot rims 97693 (INT) China Lufthansa Servicewagen on German card Flughafen Lufthansa Servicewagen
MB25 1999 Mainline White Surfer tampo Blue/ Plastic Clear Gray Eight dot rims China ROW Edit Ford Transit Van Series 1
MB13 2000 1-75: Union Jack  3/5 Yellow Blue and Red stripes Yellow/ Plastic Smoke Black Eight dot rims China UK exclusive Ford Transit (UK Edit)
MB40 2000 Mainline Red and White Coca Cola, Two bears White / Plastic Smoke Black Eight dot rims Germany exclusive Ford Transit Cola (Germany)
2000 On Patrol 5-Pack Red and White "MB Police" tampos Black / Plastic Clear Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf MBX Ford Transit
MB7 2001 Coca- Cola (INT) Silver Coca Cola Tampos, Matchbox Black / Plastic Clear Red Lace 97348 (INT) China "Ford" on card Ford silver




Coca-Cola (INT)

FAO Schwarz 10-Pack

Red and white Bear playing hockey, Coca-Cola White / Plastic Clear Black Eight dot rims 92359 (INT) China Coca Cola Ford Transit red
MB50 2002 Hammer and Nails Deep Blue 555-Root [sic.-], 24-Hour ROOFING, Orange and white roof tampo Black / Plastic Clear Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 95269 China Ford Transit Van on card Hammer and Nails Ford Transit Van
MB29 2004 1-75: Town Service 4/5 Light Blue Paint Bucket and Roller Design Black / Plastic Smoke Red 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf China INT Edit Ford Transit 2004
MB11 2005

Buried Treasure (USA)

Buried Treasure (INT)

Mainline (INT)

Yellow Black, Blue and White "Transit" tampos Black / Plastic Blue tint White Lace

H7495 (USA)

H7502 (INT)

H5806 (INT)

China Ford Transit - MB281
N/A 2006 5 Pack: City Services White Water a Power, City Services Black/ Plastic Clear Gray 65px-Lace China Ford Transit 5-Pack (PaW)

MB431 (Roof lights)Edit

MB21 N/A

1999 2001

Notfall Team (INT)

FAO Schwarz 10-Pack

Red Feuerwehr C112 Black/ Plastic Clear White Eight dot rims 37700 (INT) China Feuerwehr Spezialeinheit on German card Notfall Team Feuerwehr Spezialeinheit
MB31 2001 1-75: POLICE 1/5 INT Edit Yellow MEDIC, Blue stripes Black / Plastic Clear Blue 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf China Known as "Ford Transit Medic" for this release MB-31 Ford Transit
MB16 (INT) 2002 Rescue (INT) 4/4 White Blue Sections, "Polis" Black / Plastic Clear Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 95818 (INT) China INT Edit MB-16 Ford Transit
MB16 2003 Hero City Hospital 4/5 White Orange, yellow and silver stripes resembling a heart monitor, Hero City on side Black/ Plastic Blue tint White 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 97694 China Ford Transit 2003 Ambulance
N/A 2012 5-Pack: EMT Metallic Purple Yellow, Black, White Tampo, "Battalion Chief" "Paramedic Unit" Grey / Plastic Smoke Black Black 6 Spoke Sport - 1270cf Thailand 2012-EMT5Pack-1995FordTransitVan-Purple


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