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This page is a list of vehicles that are Ford F-Series, or based on one of them.

Models that are the modern Ford F-SeriesEdit

MB248 Ford F-150 (4x4) Pick-up

MB299 Ford Ambulance

MB326 '97 Ford F 150 Pick-up

MB371 Ford Box Truck

MB450 / 590 (No Interior) Ford Dump / Utility Truck

MB499 / MB581 Ford F Series (fire truck with raft)

MB663 Ford F-150 Lightning Pick-up

MB771 2009 Ford E-350 Ambulance

MB788 Ford F150 Raptor

MB817 Ford F-550 Mini Pumper Fire Truck

MB837 Ford F-350 Super Duty Superlift

Generic Models of the Ford F-SeriesEdit

MB286 The Buster Pick-up

MB763 MBX Mover

Models that are the classic Ford F-SeriesEdit

MB300 / 437 (Diecast Base) '56 Ford Pick-up

MB733 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery

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