Ford Explorer Interceptor
Debut Series MBX Heroic Rescue
Produced 2012-Present
Number MB860
Ford Police 2013


Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB118 2012  Matchbox 1-120: National Park 8/10 White/ Green FOREST RANGER Black/ Plastic Clear Green Pit King Tire Thailand Base code(s): MB-118 Ford Explorer Interceptor
MB860 2013 Matchbox 60th Anniversary 8/24 Orange MBX Construction, 60th Anniversary logo Black/ Plastic Smoked Black Black Sahara Survivor 2012 Tire Thailand Base Code(s): F31 Ford Explorer Interceptor-60th Aniversaly
MB36 2013 Heroic Rescue 36/120 Black / White MBX County Police tampo, 12, MBX Black/ Plastic Clear Black RingedGearWhite Y0717 Thailand Base Code(s): F37 MB-36 Ford Explorer-Police
MB72 2013 Heroic Rescue / 5-Pack: EMT White/ Red mbx, FIRE CHIEF Black/ Plastic Blue Red Pit King Tire Thailand Base Code(s): MB-72 Ford Explorer-Fire
N/A 2014 Mission Force: Police-Set Black POLICE,K-9 Silver/ Plastic Red Black Wheel Ring TerTrouc1 Thailand Base Code(s): F47 Ford Explorer-Police
MB76 2015 MBX Heroic Rescue 76/120, 5 Pack: Police Squad Pearl White MBX Sheriff Black/ Plastic Clear Black Tire Desert Thunder 2014 CFV86 Thailand Base Code(s): H30 Ford Explorer Police 2015
N/A 2015 Supreme Heros Black MBX Highway Patrol Black/ Plastic Clear Black Image Not Available CGF91 Thailand Base Code(s): H11 13'explorer'15
MB80 2016 Range 1-125: MBX Heroic Rescue Blue POLICE, CSI, 209, Silver stripes, Star Black/ Plastic Clear Black Sahara Survivor 2012 Tire DJW16 Thailand Base code(s): J32 Ford Explorer (2016 Blue)

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