Difference Between Police VersionsEdit

Crown Vic side comparison 20120720 JSCC

2006 (left) and 1997 models

Reflecting changes made in the prototype, the 2006 Crown Victoria eliminates the side windows behind the rear doors (eliminating the D-posts). At the same time, Matchbox extended the window plastic under the hood and into the headlights, making them clear,
Crown Vic front end comparison 20120720 JSCC

Clear headlights and a push-bumper appeared in 2006

and made the front and rear bumpers part of the base rather than the body. Up front, a push-bumper was added, similar to those used by some police departments, while updated tail lights appeared in the rear.

For the interior, molded-in-place equipment appeared on the front seats and a computer appeared between them, while the lollipop lights that formerly graced the rear package shelf disappeared.

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