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Faun Quarry Dump Truck
Debut Series 1-75 Series
Produced 1976-1983; 1989-Present, most years
Number MB58 (1976-1982)
MB209 (1989-2006)
MB710 (2007-2011)
Scale 1:140
Faun Dump 20120602 JSCC

Marked and Unmarked Faun Haul Trucks 2 20120602 JSCC

Early and later versions of the Faun Dump Truck. Early versions featured the Faun name, which was absent in later versions. Click to enlarge.

The Faun Quarry Dump Truck, also known by several other names (see below) is an off-highway haul truck (dump truck). Matchbox released the truck in three distinct versions. The original casting featured a metal chassis and bed, with FAUN cast into the front of the chassis below the cab and to the right of the grille (to the left, when facing the front of the truck). In the late 1980s, Matchbox dropped the FAUN name from the model; this version is number MB209. Circa 2007, the bed was changed from metal to plastic (MB710).

The Faun Mobile Crane used the same chassis, modified to accept a crane cab and boom rather than a dump bed.  The Water Hauler is based off of this chassis as well, with a tank replacing the dump bed.


Your city has been chosen to host the Summer Olympics with the opening ceremony just around the corner. Trying to get the stadium finished on time is a tall order, but not too tall for the Dirt Hauler. With its impressive load capacity and sturdy handling, massive loads of dirt can be moved and huge amounts of building can happen!

Alternate NamesEdit

  • Faun Quarry Dump Truck
  • Faun Dump Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Earth Mover
  • Dirt Hauler
  • Planier Raupe - German, literally Angledozer Caterpillar, but planierraupe means bulldozer (source)
  • Transporter


Matchbox released the following 1/140 scale versions of this truck:

Col # Year Series Color Bed Color Model No. / Version Tampo Base Color/ Type Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
58-C 1976 [1] 1977 1978 Superfast Yellow Yellow MB58 (none) Black / Plastic Bullseye England Metal Bed. DUMP TRUCK On base. Faun Dump 20120602 JSCC
58-C 1979 Superfast Yellow Red MB58 (none) Black / Plastic Bullseye England Metal Bed Image Not Available
58-C 1980 1981 1982 Superfast Yellow Yellow MB58 (none) Black / Plastic Bullseye England

Metal Bed

Faun Dump 20120602 JSCC
MB9 MB53

1989 1990 1991

Matchbox 1-75 Yellow Light Gray MB209 Red stripes Black/ Plastic Bullseye Macau China Macau only 1989 Dump Truck (1989)
N/A 1999 Scrapyard 5-Pack Purple Gray Dump Truck Rust / Dust Black / Plastic Bullseye China Metal Bed Faun Dump Scrapyard 20120704 JSCC
MB27 1999 Road Work 2/5 White Satin Green MB209 / Faun Dump Truck Dust and dirt Black / Plastic Bullseye 36431 China Metal Bed, Earth Mover on card RoadWorkEarthMoverwhiteandgreen
MB7 1999 Baustelle (INT) Orange Black MB209 / Faun Dump Truck None Black / Plastic Bullseye 37686 (INT) China Metal Bed

Planier Raupe on card (German Exclusive)

Baustelle Planier Raupe
MB95 MB75 2000 1-75: Build It (5/5) Blue grey MB209 Mud Black/ Plastic Bullseye China MB-95 Faun Dump Truck
MB18 2002 Build It Right 2/4 (USA)(INT) Metallic Green Yellow MB209 / Faun Dump Truck Yellow Matchbox on side, Black lines on bed Black / Plastic 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf 95214 (USA)95823 (INT) China Metal Bed

Dirt Hauler on card. Some had a 50th anniversary tampo on the top left hand side of the bed.

50th Dirt Hauler
SF15 2006 Superfast Yellow Yellow MB710 / Dump Truck Dirt Hauler on side, silver headlights, trim details, "209" on side Black / Plastic RingedGearRivitedYellow J6564 Plastic Bed Superfast Dirt Hauler
MB47 2006 MBX Metal Orange Gray MB710 / Dump Truck CONSTRUCTION, on front, 209, M54 49RT on top of bed Black / Plastic 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf J5585 Thailand Metal Bed

"Transporter" on card

MB-47 Transporter Dirt Hauler
N/A 2007 10-Pack Green Orange MB710 / Dump Truck 81U12 9 20, black and white sectioned stripes Black / Plastic Orangeoval Thailand DumpTruckgreen
N/A 2008 5 Pack: Construction, 10 Pack Lime White MB710 CARGO RENTALS, 710 Gray/ Plastic 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf Thailand Dump Truck (2008 5 Pack)
MB63 2008 Construction 7/7 Metallic Silver Red MB710 / Dump Truck Black and White with "Dump Truck 6000" on dump bed sides Black / Plastic Ringed Gear Rivited M5343 Thailand 0863DirtHauler
N/A 2008 Construction 5-Pack Dark Medium Blue Gray MB710 / Dump Truck Construction Co., 710 Black / Plastic Ringed Gear Rivited Thailand DumpTruck1989darkmediumblue
N/A 2009 Construction 5-Pack White Orange MB710 / Dump Truck Yellow, Black and Red with "MC Construction" on sides Black / Plastic 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf Thailand Plastic Bed 09ConstructionDirtHauler
N/A 2010 Construction 5-pack Red Gray MB710 / Dump Truck J Construction since 1975 Black / Plastic Ringed Gear Rivited Thailand Base code(s): B45

Plastic Bed

Dump Truck red
MB49 2010 Construction 13/14 Light Orange Gray MB710 / Dump Truck ROK Heavy equipment, trim details Black / Plastic Ringed Gear Rivited R5021 Thailand Plastic bed Construction Dirt Hauler
N/A 2010 10-Packs Black Yellow MB710 / Dump Truck King J Construction Silver / Plastic RingedGearRivitedYellow Thailand Plastic Bed, same as 5-pack version Faun Quarry Dump Truck - 06014df
N/A 2011 Construction 5-pack Black Yellow MB710 / Dump Truck King J Construction Silver / Plastic RingedGearRivitedYellow Thailand Base code(s): D16, plastic bed DumpTruckblackandyellow


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