Dodge Viper GTSR
Debut Series Wheeled Envy
Produced 2001-Present
Number MB517
Dodge Viper GTSR - 7096df


Your driving ability and endurance are being put to the ultimate test in the final laps of the famous Le Mans 24-hour race. With its awesome V10, 500-hp engine and the ability to smoothly reach 200mph, your Dodge Viper GTS-R delivers high performance and comfort at record-breaking speeds!


The Dodge Viper GTSR has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes Photo
MB56 2001 Wheeled Envy1/5 Mainline (INT) Red Flat Silver racing stripes, Viper GTS-R on fender and rear bumper, Matchbox Logo Black/ Plastic Smoke N/A Lace 92266 (USA) 93939 (INT) China Wheeled Envy Dodge Viper GTSR Concept
MB10 2002 Style Champs 2/4 (INT) Metallic Blue Viper GTSR, Matchbox Logo Black/ Plastic Smoke Beige Lace 95206 (USA) 95812 (INT) China 50th Dodge Viper GTSR
SF33 2004 Superfast Yellow Silver headlights, red taillights, Viper GTSR, black racing stripes Black/ Plastic Smoke Black SuperfastSplitSpoke H2325 China Superfast Dodge Viper GTSR
N/A 2004 5 Pack: VIP Parking Orange Tarantula design tampo Gray/ Plastic Blue tint Gray Lace China Dodge Viper GTSR (2004 VIP Parking)
MB64 2005 Buried Treasure (USA) Buried Treasure (INT) Red Dodge, Viper GTSR, Silver headlights and foglights Black/ Plastic Clear Tan Lace (USA)H2199 (INT)H1876 China Bonus viper gtsr
MB17 2007 MBX Metal Metallic Blue Dodge, Viper GTSR Black/ Plastic Gray Black Lace K9482 Thailand MB-17 Dodge Viper GTS-R
BOM05 2008 Best of Muscle 5/6 White Metallic Steel Blue racing stripes, Black headlights, red taillights, trim details Black/ Plastic Smoke Black M002f M4614 Thailand Best of Muscle Dodge Viper GTS-R
MB24 2008 Sports Cars 16/17 Dark Yellow Two Black stripes on top, Black "Viper GTSR" and "Dodge" logos on sides Black/ Plastic Smoke Black M002f M5318 Thailand Dodge Viper GTSR - 7096df
MB22 2009 Sports Cars 9/13 Black Two Green stripes on top, Silver "Viper GTSR" and "Dodge" logos on sides Black/ Plastic Smoke Black M002f P2941 Thailand Viper GTSR Black GreenStripes
MB22 2009 Sports Cars 9/13 Gold Two Black stripes on top, Black "Viper GTSR" and "Dodge" logos on sides Black/ Plastic Clear Black M002f P6532 Thailand Variations: Gold and Metallic Olive 0922b-DodgeViperGold
2009 Little Einsteins 5-Pack Rose Red Little Einsteins "Blastoff" graphics on sides Black/ Plastic Smoke Black M002f N9906 Thailand 09EinsteinViper
MB10 2010 Sports Cars 10/15 Metallic Copper

Dodge, Viper GTSR, Black racing stripes

Black/ Plastic Smoke Black M002f R4961 Thailand Base Code(s): C41 Sports Cars Dodge Viper GTS-R
MB94 2012 1-120:  Island 4/10 White & blue GTSR logo and "PALMS EXOTIC RENTALS on the side Black/ Plastic Blue tint Black 5 spoke Thailand Base code(s): Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept
MB29 2013 1-120 series Yellow Black double stripes, DODGE VIPER Black/ Plastic Smoke Black 5 spoke Gold Thailand Base code(s): MB-29 Dodge Viper GTSR Concept
MB27 2017 1-125 series Dark Blue VIPER GTS-R, SRT Gray/ Plastic Clear Black DkGraySplit10Spoke 92266 Thailand Base code(s): K26 Dodge Viper GT-SR (2017)


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