The Dinky brand of diecast "modelled minatures" was introduced by Meccano Ltd in the 1930s.[1] Production of these models at the Binns Road factory in Liverpool, England ceased in 1979.[1]

1-75 based Dinky ToysEdit

The acquistion of the Dinky trademark was announced by Matchbox Toys in 1987.[2] To protect the trademark, six models from the Matchbox 1-75 range were soon released by Matchbox in Dinky branded bubble packs.[2] The six models were:[2]

Dinky CollectionEdit

In 1988 Matchbox announced the first models of its new Dinky Collection range, which was intended to capture the spirit of the original Dinky toys era.[2] 35 models were issued in the period from 1988 to 1995.[3]

Stars of Cars Edit

In Current Time, international series, such as Stars of Cars, may have"Dinky' printed on the base. They are seen on Stars of Cars series only. Almost all vehicles from Stars of Cars have Dinky printed on the base.


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