DAF Car Transporter
Debut Series King Size
Produced 1969 - 1975
Number K-11
K10 DAF Car Transporter 20120610 JSCC


This model of an DAF Car Transporter has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel/ Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
K-11 1969 King Size Blue & gold [1] Sticker DAF on side Clear White Redrimoriginalhub England Daf Car Transporter (King Size)
K-11 1970 King Size Yellow & orange [1] Sticker DAF on side Clear White Redrimoriginalhub England
K-11 1971 Super Kings Yellow & orange [1] Sticker DAF or White/Orange stripes on side Clear White Matchbox 4 spoke England DAF CAR TRANSPORTER on base K10 DAF Car Transporter detail2 20120610 JSCC
K10 DAF Car Transporter loaded 20120610 JSCC

K11 DAF Car Transporter, fully loaded. Upper deck from left: Maxi Taxi, 1968-Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40), Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II. Lower deck from left '71 Camaro Z-28, Ford Police Interceptor. Josiah Carberry Collection.

The DAF Car Transporter (King Size / Super Kings K-11) was introduced in 1969. It consists of a cab and its permanently-attached trailer. Five mainline vehicles can be driven onto and carried on the trailer: three on the upper level and two on the lower level. Adjustable plastic tabs hold vehicles in place when the upper level is lowered for loading and unloading. These tabs were prone to breakage and loss, and are absent on many surviving examples of this model.

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