Chevy K-1500 (4x4) Pick-Up
Debut Series Matchbox 1-75
Produced 1996-Present
Number MB249/MB953 (TB007)
Scale 1:70
Chevy K 1500 Pickup (1996-97 USA)


The Chevy K-1500 (4x4) Pick-Up has come out in the following 1/70 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB72 1996 1997 1-75 Black Yellow and Pink design Chrome/ Plastic Clear Grey Bullseye China USA only Chevy K 1500 4x4 Pickup (1996-97 USA)
N/A 1998 5 Pack: World Cup Soccer White World Cup, France 98, Field Maintenance, Red slash Chrome / Plastic Clear Powder Blue Bullseye China ChevyK1500WorldCupSoccer
MB100 1999 At Your Service Blue "Keeping Lawns Beautiful" Chrome/ Plastic Clear Teal Bullseye 36274 China Chevy K-1500 Pickup
N/A 2000 TACO BELL Blue White Painted Black/ Plastic Clear Black Wheel Superfast (Black) China 3/4 (TB007) Taco Bell2 1999
MB23 2002 Great Outdoors 3/4 Dark Green River Outfitters, Light Blue Kayak Rider, White Orange and Light blue jagged stripes Black / Plastic Clear White 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf 95219 China 50th Chevrolet K-1500 4X4
N/A 2004 5 Pack: This New House Metallic Blue HERO CITY, park design tampo Green/ Plastic Smoke Orange 5-Spoke Oval - 2535bf China Chevy K-1500 (2004)
SF43 2006 Superfast Gunmetal Gray Red taillights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Clear Light Gray Ringed Gear Rivited J6592 Thailand Superfast Chevy K-1500 Pick-Up
MB97 2008 All Terrain 10/13 Orange White and Black stripes with Tan mud splatter Black / Plastic Clear Tan Ringed Gear Rivited M5358 Thailand MBX Chevy K-1500 Pick-up
N/A 2009 10-Pack Metalflake Blue Mint Green, White, Black and Red with "181", "Z71" and "4x4" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Ringed Gear Rivited P3013 Thailand Base Code(s): B22 ChevyK1500metallicblue
MB116 2012 MBX International Park 6/10 Green White, yellow "SNOW chains installed" and Black ice auto service" Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray Ringed Gear Rivited W4824 Thailand Base Code(s): E14 IMG 5291
MB40 2014 MBX Explorers 40/120 White BF Goodrich tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Black ChromeRinged8Spk BDT31 Thailand Base Code(s): G05 MB-40 Chevy K1500 Pickup Truck
MB953-(Modified Model).
MB88 2015 MBX Explorers 112/120 Yellow 4x4 Black/ Plastic Smoke Black ChromeRinged8SpkGreen Rims DFL15 Thailand Base Code(s): G48 Chevy K1500 2015
N/A 2016 5 Pack: Monster Week Dark Blue MONSTER WEEK, MBX X KRAKEN White/ Plastic Clear Gray Wheel 4x4 Yellow Thailand Base code(s): J29 Chevy K-1500 (2016 5 Pack)
N/A 2018 Chevrolet trucks 100 years Green OFF ROAD, MBX 4x4 Black/ Plastic Clear Grey Wheel 4x4 Chrome Thailand Base code(s): K42 Chevy K-1500 (2018 Chevy Series)