Chevrolet SSR
Debut Series Kids Cars of the Year
Produced 2002-Present
Number MB550
Scale 1:62
MB-18 Chevy SSR


The Chevrolet SSR has come out in the following 1/62 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB70 2002 Kids Cars of the Year 6/10 Royal Blue 65px-Lace China Chevy ssr
MB57 2003 Hero City Kids Shoppes 2/5 Yellow Gloss Tony's Pizza Clear White Lace 97767 China ChevroletSSR2003
N/A 2004 Justice League Blue Superman (Character and text), Superman Symbol Royal Blue / Plastic Blue Yellow Lace C0240 China Justice League Chevrolet SSR
SF21 2005 Superfast Red White headlights, red taillights, trim details Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SpokeSuperfast H7769 China Superfast Chevrolet SSR
SF21 2006 Superfast Metallic Purple Silver headlights, red taillights, detailed trim Black / Plastic Clear Light Gray 5SpokeSuperfast J6570 Superfast Chevrolet SSR Concept
N/A 2006 Construction 5-Pack Metalflake Maroon Construction, Building Cities for Tomorrow, orange and black sections Black / Plastic Smoke Caramel M002f Thailand ChevroletSSRmetalflakemaroon
MB18 2007 MBX Metal Pearl Metallic Orange Detailed headlights, taillights, trim. "TRKSRUL" license plate Black / Plastic Smoke Black M002f L5037 Thailand

Chevy ssr orange

MB18 2007 MBX Metal Matte Lime Green Detailed headlights, taillights, trim. "TRKSRUL" license plate Black / Plastic Smoke Caramel Brown M002f K9480 Thailand MB-18 Chevy SSR
N/A 2007 10-Pack Egg Shell White Black and red racing stripes Black / Plastic Smoke Red M003f Thailand ChevroletSSReggshellwhite
N/A 2008 Scooby-Doo! 5-Pack Metalflake Emerald Green Scooby-Doo! (character and text), Scooby Black / Plastic Clear White M002f Thialand ChevroletSSRScoobyDoogreen
N/A 2008 Nickelodeon 5-Pack Metallic Gunmetal Jimmy Neutron (character and text) Black / Plastic Clear White M002f Thailand ChevroletSSRNickelodeongunmetal
N/A 2009 Handy Manny 5-Pack Red Handy Manny's graphics on sides Black / Plastic Clear White M002f N9900 Thailand 09MannySSR