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Cement Mixer (2006)
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2006-Present
Number MB690

Flood alert! A massive storm has caused the river to burst its banks, sending torrents of water through the city streets. You and the Mega Rig construction crew have your work cut out for you. Luckily, the awesome capacity of the MBX Mixer can deliver the quick-setting cement to rebuild this levee and get your town above water again!


The Cement Mixer (2006) vehicle has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Cab Color Mixer Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
Neon Lime Green White 690, Jone Construction Black / Plastic Smoke N/A M007 - 6909bf Thailand Base Code(s): B48 CementMixer2007neongreen
MB52 2006 MBX Metal Yellow Red White and Black with 690 and "Cement Crew" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray Crown J2376 Thailand 0652Mixer
MB47 2007 MBX Metal Silver Blue White Black, Yellow, White and Red with "Jesse's" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray M007 - 6909bf K9486 Thailand 0747Mixer
2007 Construction


Dark White White and Black with "Cement Mixer" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray 7SpokeSawblade Thailand 07ConstructionMixer
MB62 2008 Construction 6/7 Metalflake Orange White Yellow, Black and White with "Quik" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke White M007 - 6909bf M5336 Thailand 0862Mixer
MB62 2009 Construction 2/8 Dark Yellow Silver Black, Red and White with "Cement Works" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf P2967 Thailand 0968Mixer
EE05 2009 Euro Edition (INT) Blue Yellow Yellow stripes with White "CMX" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Yellow Image Not Available P9161 (INT) Thailand Base Code(s): B11 09EE05Mixer
2009 10-Pack Metalflake Blue White Yellow, Black, Red and White with "EZ" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke White 7SpokeSawblade Thailand MBX Cement Mixer (3)
MB46 2010 Construction 10/14 Black Yellow Yellow trim details Silver / Plastic Smoke N/A R4995 Thailand Base Code(s): C31 Construction MBX Mixer
MB46 2010 Construction 10/14 Brown Black and white 18, Quick Pour, white and green stripes Black / Plastic Smoke N/A M007 - 6909bf T1542 Thailand Base Code(s): C39 Constructoin MBX Mixer brown
MB46 2011 Construction 9/11 Silver White and Red Red Cap Cement Black / Plastic Smoke N/A


M007 - 6909bf

T8956 Thailand Base Code(s): D23 2011MBXMixer

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