Carmichael Commando
Debut Series 1-75 (ROW), Bulgaria
Produced 1982-1984
Number MB57
Designer Unknown
Scale 1/75
Carmichael Commando (Bulgaria)

The Carmichael Commando, in real life, was a fairly unique vehicle.  It was a three-axle 6x4 modified Land Rover Range Rover, which was offered as both a fire engine and a luxury SUV.  Many of the fire engine conversions are still in use in the UK, though all have been converted to 6x6, as there is a rule in the UK stating that all fire engines must be all-wheel drive.  

The Matchbox version, however, was never sold in the US market.  It was offered only as an international only model.  

It had only had a few variations when it was made in England.  The casting was sent to Bulgaria, where it has had scores of tampo and color variations, and it has been said that it is still being produced over there. 

There are two versions of this casting.  One with a ladder on the roof, the other with siren speakers. The latter of which was exclusive to the Bulgarian produced versions, as the speakers were from the Mercedes SEL police car.  


This Matchbox model has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB57 1982 1-75 White Orange stripe, POLICE RESCUE Black/ Plastic Blue  Gray
England ROW Edit
Carmichael Commando (Police)
MB57 1983 1-75 Red White stripe, FIRE Black/ Plastic Blue Gray
England ROW Edit
Carmichael Commando (FIRE)

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