Buried TreasureEdit

Started in 2005 as a Mattel contest, The Buried Treasure series contains a blister pack with a cardboard "treasure chest" containing either a tattoo, or a prize-winning Gold-Colored Medallion. Contest only available on (USA) long cards. (INT) short cards received Matchbox pirate themed stickers. Early Buried Treasure USA cards were marked with "BONUS! Pirate toy inside!" and were not part of the contest. (USA) and (INT) series each came with seperate toy numbers. An identical casting was also released, without the treasure chest on a regular long card, and unique toy number for non-participating markets.

The following prizes were available:

(From back of card)

2 Grand Prizes: 7-Day Private Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

1 Grand Prize available in the U.S. --1 Grand Prize available in AUS/NZ

30 First Prizes (27 in the U.S. & 3 in AUS/ NZ): Treasure Chest of Mattel Toys

3000 Second Prizes (270 in the U.S. & 30 in AUS/ NZ): Children's Pirate Costume

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