• Takota95


    June 7, 2015 by Takota95
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  • Pharuan Undearth

    get your gems a bit easier for Clash of Clans and no money actually leaves your pocket. or get the app and use my referral name [Tailnmm] you get 50 points for using my code and so do I. Get them gems. Works for both Android(goggle) and IPhone(ITunes) systems. Pharuan Undearth (talk) 01:40, June 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • BP1992

    Matchbox 5-Pack Idea-Transit

    February 15, 2013 by BP1992
    • City Bus (painted in the red and silver livery and says "metrobus" on the front and top sides. Metrobus (TM) is owned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which are it's rightful owners)
    • School Bus (painted in yellow with with school bus number and children crossing sign.) (Reintroduction from 2005's buried treasure category)
    • Chevy Transport Bus (painted in the Budget livery. Budget is owned by it's rightful owners)
    • GMC School Bus (painted in white with the letters City Unified Daycare Center on the sides)
    • Ford Transit Connect Taxi (painted in orange and black and says "TAXI" on the sides.)
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  • Hpaul

    2010 vs 2011

    March 12, 2011 by Hpaul

    Can someone please tell me how to tell a 2010 model from a 2011? If they are both the same car and 1-100 number how can you tell which year they are from?


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  • Raven78DK

    Does anybody knows when e.g.the Matchbox '10 Fisker Karma Hybrid, the '08 Holden VE Ute, '67 Volvo P8000 and the Cadillac Sport wagon comes out in the stores in the US and Europe??? I've been waiting for some time now.

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  • ZackVDH

    Well, I've edited the Utility Truck (1989) page, I've also added it to the List of 1989 Matchbox. Boy is there nothing in the 1989 page! I'm currently working on making the Matchbox Across America page. I'll later take everything relating to the 50th anniversary off the List of 2002 Matchbox page. In the mean time, You might not hear from me much.

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  • ZackVDH

    What I did yesterday

    April 17, 2010 by ZackVDH

    Well, I didn't do much yesterday {April 16th}. I tried to scan a few pages out of the Matchbox Across America Collector Guide, which is just pictures of all the 50 cars. I'll try again today.

    BTW, The last two posts were done at what the server considers 2 in the morning, when I actually posted them in the evening the previous day.

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  • ZackVDH

    I just now created 4 different pages, whew! It was a lot of work I did here in one day.

    The 4 articals I created are as follows:

    • Ford
    • Dodge
    • Cadillac
    • and Jeep

    I'm calling it a day.

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  • ZackVDH

    Well, I created the Express Delivery page. Also edited the list of 2002 Matchbox.

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  • Mikedepaz

    2010 Collectors Pack

    December 31, 2009 by Mikedepaz

    I notice after Christmas that the new Collectors Pack come with some new Exclusives on the top right corner. Also the Showroom Cars Pack has some newer color variations to look out for.


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