Matchbox and Hot Wheels (both now owned by Mattel) started to use the base code method in 2008 to define a model's production date. Base codes consist of a single letter followed by two digits: the letter indicates the year of production, and the digits indicate the production week.

Letter keyEdit

  • A: 2008
  • B: 2009
  • C: 2010
  • D: 2011
  • E: 2012

F is anticipated for 2013, and so on.

Don't know what will happen in 2034, 26 years from 2008, when Base Codes get to the 'Z' s,


D05 indicates ca car that was made in 2011, on the 5th week of the year (late January / early February).

E07 indicates a car made on the 7th week of 2012. (February 2012)

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