Produced 1997 - Present
Number MB297
Scale 1:57
BMW Z3 Roadster green

Updated BMW Z3 casting released in 2001


The BMW Z-3 Roadster vehicle has come out in the following scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes Photo
25 1997 New Model Red White Flame & Z3 Black Clear Black Split5spoke MB297 Thailand BMWZ3 Red 1997
1998 Blue White Flame & Z3 Black Clear Gray Split5spoke MB297 Thailand MBX BMW Z3
MB50 1999 (INT) Metallic Red Z3 in silver and black Black / Plastic Clear Black Split5spoke 36444 (INT) China BMW Z3 Roadster red
MB20 1999 Super Klasse (INT) Metalflake Charcoal Silver headlights, red taillights, grille Black / Plastic Clear Gray Split5spoke 37699 (INT) China Super Klasse BMW Z3
MB3 2000 Open Road (INT) Black Silver headlights, red taillights, grille, and foglights Black / Plastic Clear Red Split5spoke 96028 (INT) China Open Road BMW Z3 Roadster
MB46 2001 (INT) Metallic Green Silver headlights, red taillights, and grille Black / Metal Clear Black Lace 92982 (INT) China BMW Z3 Roadster green

See alsoEdit

  • MB533 BMW Z3, an earlier model of the same vehicle.