BMW 328i
Debut Series City Fun
Produced 1999-Present
Number MB424/MB439 (Police)
Scale 1:59
BMW set BMW 3 Series Saloon


The BMW 328i has come out in the following 1/59 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB69 1999 City Fun (INT) Metallic Dark Green Silver headlights, red taillights Black / Plastic Clear Black Split5spoke 37779 (INT) China Germany Editing City Fun BMW 328i dark green
N/A 2000 Car Wash 5-Pack Metallic Blue Silver headlights, red taillights]] Black / Plastic Smoke Light Gray Split5spoke China BMW328icarwashblue
MB19 2001 (INT) Dark Gray BMW 328i door, silver headlights, red taillights Black / Plastic Clear Light Gray Lace 92755 (INT) China BMW 328i dark gray
N/A 2002 BMW Set 1 Red Silver headlights, Red taillights, Black grille, BMW badges Black / Metal Clear Black Lace 97561 (INT) China BMW 3 Series Saloon on card BMW set BMW 3 Series Saloon
MB40 2003 1-75: 5/5 Metallic Gold  Head Lights painted Black/ Plastic Smoke Black 65px-Lace 97842 China INT Editing BMW 328i (2003)

MB439 (Police Variation).Edit

N/A 2001 FAO Schwarz 10-Pack White Green hood section and doors, POLIZEI Black/ Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke China Police lights BMW328iFAOSchwarzwhite
N/A 2001 5-Pack: On Patrol Blue Police, red lower stripe Black Smoke Gray Lace China Police lights MBX BMW 328i
MB33 2001 (INT) Metalflake Silver POLICE, orange and b lue stripes, red taillights Black/ Plastic Smoke Black Lace 92897 (INT) China

Police Lights

BMW 328i police on (INT) card

BMW 328i Police silver
MB28 2002 (INT) Forest Green White sectional stripe on bottom, Polizei, Metro Patrol, Matchbox Black / Metal Smoke Gray Lace 95848 China

Police lights

BMW 328i Police on card

50th BMW 328i Police
MB28 2003 Hero City Police Squad 4/5 Blue Police Badge, Red and yellow stripes Gray / Plastic Yellow Gray Lace 97725 China

Police lights

BMW 328i Police on card

N/A 2004 Stars of Cars Metallic Silver Powder blue stripe, Polizei Black / Plastic Smoke Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf H0309 China

Police lights

BMW 328i Polizei on card

Stars of Cars BMW 328i Polizei
MB20 2005 [1] Buried Treasure (INT) Metallic Gray Green stripe along side and hood, Polizei, white banded stripes ontop of green stripe Dark Gray / Plastic Black Black Lace H2150 (INT) China

Police lights

BMW 328i Police on card

Buried Treasure BMW 328i Police
2006 Stars of Cars White Green stripe along side, Polizei Black / Plastic Clear Black Lace J0195 China

Police lights

BMW 3 Series on card

Stars of Cars BMW 328i


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