For the Real Working Rigs excavator, see MBX Excavator.

Atlas Excavator
Debut Series mainline
Produced 1981 - 2000
Number MB32/2
Scale 1:100
2 Excavators 20120610 JSCC

The Atlas Excavator, later known merely as Excavator, is a treaded excavator (or power shovel) first issued in1981. In the original casting, Atlas was cast into the body; this was eventually dropped and the vehicle renamed Excavator. Like many Matchbox models of treaded vehicles, the treads are fixed, with the excavator rolling instead on four small wheels hidden in the base.


The Atlas Excavator was issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB32 1981 1-75 Red None Gray/ Plastic Tiny Rollers England Excavator (1981)
MB32 1982 1-75 Yellow C, CAT, Black stripes Black/ Plastic Tiny Rollers England Image Not Available

1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989

Matchbox 1-75 Yellow Black stripes Black/ Plastic Tiny Rollers Macau 1988 and 1989 RoW only Excavator (1983-1989)
G-3 1988 Gift set Yellow JCB Yellow/ Plastic Tiny Rollers Macau Britain Editing Atlas Excavator (1988 JCB)
MB32 MB6 1990 1991 1-75 Yellow Black Stripes Black/ Plastic Tiny Rollers Thailand Excavator (1990-1991)
MB32 MB6 1992

1993 1994

1-75 Yellow Red Stripes Black/ Plastic Tiny Rollers Thailand Excavator (1992-1994)
MB32 MB6 1995

1996 1997

1-75 Red White/ Black stripes Black/ Plastic Tiny Rollers Thailand Excavator (1995-1997)
MB6 1998 1-75 Green White lower stripes Black / Plastic Tiny Rollers China Excavator Green 20120610 JSCC
MB10 1999 Baustelle (INT) Light Orange N/A Black / Plastic Tiny Rollers 37689 (INT) China "Schaufel Bagger" on German card Baustelle Schaufel Bagger
MB30 1999 Road Work White Red and black striping, X-4970 Black / Plastic Tiny Rollers 36434 China Excavatot white dusty 20120610 JSCC
MB92 2000 Build It Yellow X-4970 Black/Plastic Tiny Rollers 96388 China MB-92 Dirt Digger

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