This article concerns the 2005 ambulance casting. You may be looking for a different ambulance casting.

Debut Series Buried Treasure
Produced 2005-2010
Number MB679
MB-37 Ambulance

The Ambulance (2005) is a generic North American ambulance. Though much more realistic than Matchbox's previous ambulance casting (Ambulance (2000)), it is not based on any individual prototype.

  • Click this link for other Ambulance castings.


The Ambulance has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB66 2005 1-75 MBX Metal White Ambulance, Red and yellow stripes, 679 Silver / Plastic Clear N/A 7SpokeSawblade H1849 Thailand MBX Metal Ambulance white
MB37 2006 1-75 MBX Metal Pearl Metalflake White Seguridad Ambulance Department of Health Services, 679 Gray / Plastic Clear Black 7SpokeSawblade K2600 Thailand

MB-37 Ambulance

MB53 2007 MBX Metal White Ambulance, Serving your community Gray / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf K9482 Thailand MB-53 Ambulance
N/A 2007 5 Pack: Fire Red Blue stripes, COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT, PARAMEDIC Gray / Plastic Smoke None 7SpokeSawblade Thailand Two types Wheels 2005 Ambulance (2007 5Pack)
M007 - 6909bf
N/A 2008 10-Pack White Ambulance, Orange stripes Silver/ Plastic Smoke N/A M007 - 6909bf Thailand Ambulance2005whiteandorange
N/A 2008 5 Pack: Fire Red AMBULANCE FIRE DEPT. UNIT 679 Gray / Plastic Smoke None M007 - 6909bf Thailand Amb
N/A 2009 10-Pack White Orange, Blue, Black and Red with "Volunteer EMS", "Unit 679" and "Ambulance" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke N/A M007 - 6909bf Thailand MBX Ambulance
N/A 2010 Blaze Busters 5-Pack Antifreeze Neon yellow, FIRE DEPARTMENT AMBULANCE Gray, Plastic Smoke N/A

M007 - 6909bf

Thailand Replaced by Hazard Squad Image Not Available

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