Airport Fire Truck
Debut Series Matchbox 1-75
Produced 1992 - 2002
Number MB233
Flughafen Flughafen Feuerwehr


The Airport Fire Truck has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB24 (ROW)


1-75 Fluorescent Orange & white FIRE 5, AIRPORT FIRE SERVICE Black/ Plastic Blue tint Dark Gray Eight dot rims China Airport Fire Truck (1992-1993)
N/A 1994 N/A Yellow Red Stripes, "Matchbox Fire Dept." Black/ Plastic Dark Blue Black Eight dot rims 0839BJ China AirportFireTruckEmergencyRescueYellow





Flughafen (INT)

FAO Schwarz 10-Pack

Red Feuerwerh, 24, Notruf 112, black and white stripes White/ Plastic Blue White Eight dot rims 37692 (INT) China Flughafen Feurwehr (German Exclusive) on card Flughafen Flughafen Feuerwehr
MB8 1999

1-100, Air Traffic, 3/5

Bright Blue RUNWAY RESCUE 1, Yellow Stripe Black / Plastic Amber Silver Eight dot rims China US Edit Airport Fire Truck US
MB8 1999 1-75, Air Traffic, 3/5 Bright Blue Yellow Stripe Black/ Plastic Amber Silver Eight dot rims China INT Edit Airport Fire Truck INT
N/A 1999 Emergency Rescue 5-Packs Fluorescent Yellow White side stripe, Red stripes, 34 Black/ Plastic Red Silver Eight dot rims China AirportFireTruckEmergencyRescuefluorescentyellow
MB29 2000 Fire Fighters 4/5 White Runway Rescue, Red and Gold stripes, Matchbox 2000 on windshield Black/ Plastic Red Black Eight dot rims 96342 China Fire Fighters Airport Fire Truck
MB41 2002 Airport Alarm 1/4 Orange Alarm, Airplane, Red scallops Black/ Plastic Blue Silver 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 95237 China MB-41 Aero Flooder