4x4 Mission Buggy is a new non-licensed generic castings for the 1-120 lineup and also brand new miniature line for the 2014 Matchbox 1-120 lineup to be released maybe available in Summer 2014. The 4x4 Mission Buggy will be in 2014.


Not yet released but will be released maybe available in Summer 2014.

How can you predict the future? We know things about the new castings for the 2014 Matchbox 1-120? Yeah, it's 4x4 Mission Buggy. What about the 4x4 Mission Buggy for the 2014 Matchbox New Castings? Hopefully will see the 2014 Matchbox new castings with this new non-licensed generic castings "4x4 Mission Buggy" along with new non-generic license castings are 2013 Ford Escape, 1986 BMW 6-Series and all other 2014 Matchbox new models maybe in 2013 Matchbox Gathering Show, Albuqerque, New Mexico on July 21-23, 2013.

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