EASTER series
Produced 2015
Easter MBX 2015

A special series of 24 models released at Easter 2015.

Exceptional no model or color.

Model # Model Name Photo
MB918 Drill Digger Drill Digger Easter
MB946 Scraper Scraper Easter
MB737 Quarry King Quarry King Easter
MB312 Tractor Shovel Tractor Shovel Easter
MB748 MBX 4x4 4x4 MBX Easter
MB699 Off-Road Rider Image Not Available
MB818 Dune Dog Dune Dog Easter
MB863 Vantom Vantom Easter
MB831 ATV 6x6 ATV 6x6 Easter
MB819 Coyote 500 Coyote 500 Easter
MB781 Rock Shocker Rock Shocker Easter
MB716 Ridge Raider Ridge Raider Easter
MB568 Sport SUV SUV Police Easter
MB661 2005 Tow Truck Image Not Available
MB898 Whiplash Whiplash Easter
MB900 MBX Coupe MBX Coupe Easter
MB852 Trail Tipper Trail Tipper Easter
MB929 Snow Ripper Snow Ripper Easter
MB880 Mission Helicopter Image Not Available
MB577 Taxi Cab Image Not Available
MB598 2004 Ambulance Image Not Available
MB845 4x4 Scrambulance Scrambulance Easter
MB813 Express Delivery Express Delivery Easter
MB996 Postal Service Delivery Truck Postal Delivery Truck Easter


2015 Matchbox KROGER Exclusive EASTER Complete 24 CAR Set

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