This page contains the 2010 1-100 USA lineup. For additional 2010 releases, see below.

1-100 Series (USA)Edit

Model # Card # Model Name Series Series # Photo
MB01 R0452 '10 Fisker Karma Hybrid (NEW) Sports Cars 1/15 Sports Cars 10 Fisker Karma Hybrid silver
MB02 R0453 '08 Holden VE Ute SSV (NEW) Sports Cars 2/15 291120108713
MB03 R0454 '09 Caterham Superlight R500 (NEW) Sports Cars 3/15 Sports Cars 09 Caterham Superlight R500 white
MB04 R4949 Dodge Challenger Sports Cars 4/15 1004Challenger
MB05 T5939 '65 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (New in 2002; first release in US 1-100) Sports Cars 5/15 Sprots Cars 65 Shelby Cobra 427 SC unpainted
MB06 R4956 Corvette ZR1 Sports Cars 6/15 1006ZR1
MB07 R4958 Ford Shelby GT500 Sports Cars 7/15 Sports Cars 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible
MB08 R4959 Lotus Evora 08 Sports Cars 8/15 1008Evora
MB09 R4960 Dodge Magnum Sports Cars 9/15 Sports Cars Dodge Magnum
MB10 R4961 Dodge Viper GTS-R Sports Cars 10/15 Sports Cars Dodge Viper GTS-R
MB11 R4962 Lotus Exige Sports Cars 11/15 Sports Cars Lotus Exige orange
MB12 R4964 Morgan Aeromax Sports Cars 12/15 Morgan AeroMax dark green
MB13 R4967 Ford GT Sports Cars 13/15 2005 Ford GT Purple
MB14 R4969 Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Cars 14/15 Porsche 911 GT3 light blue
MB15 R4971 Audi R8 Sports Cars 15/15 1015R8
MB16 R0457 Porsche 914 (NEW) Heritage Classics 1/9 0916Porsche914
MB17 R0458 '67 Volvo P1800S (NEW) Heritage Classics 2/9 Heritage Classics Volvo P1800S
MB18 R4946 '71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Heritage Classics 3/9 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser
MB19 R4947 '64 Austin Mini Cooper S Heritage Classics 4/9 Heritage Classics 64 Austin Mini Cooper S blue
MB20 R4948 '54 Jaguar XK 120SE Heritage Classics 5/9 1020JagXK120SE
MB21 R4951 Lotus Europa Heritage Classics 6/9 1021Europa
MB22 R4952 Karmann Ghia Convertible Heritage Classics 7/9 1022KarmannGhia
MB23 R4954 '68 Citroën DS Heritage Classics 8/9 1023CitroenDS
MB24 R4955 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Heritage Classics 9/9 1024DeVille
MB25 R0456 Honda Insight (NEW) Metro Rides 1/6 Insight
MB26 R4953 Toyota Prius (2009) Metro Rides 2/6

Metro Rides 08 Toyota Prius

MB27 R4957 Mazda 2 Metro Rides 3/6 Metro Rides Mazda 2
MB28 R4963 Golf V GTI Metro Rides 4/6 1028GolfGTI
MB29 R4965 '08 Honda Civic Type R Metro Rides 5/6 Metro Rides 08 Honda Civic Type R
MB30 R4970 Audi RS6 Avant Metro Rides 6/6 Metro Rides Audi RS6 Avant yellow
MB31 R5029 Cadillac CTS Wagon (NEW) VIP 1/6 Cadillac CTS Wagon - 07409hf
MB32 T5940 Cadillac Escalade VIP 2/6 1032Escalade
MB33 R4968 Jaguar XK VIP 3/6 VIP Jaguar XK
MB34 R4972 Lexus GS 430 VIP 4/6 1034Lexus
MB35 R4973 Range Rover Sport VIP 5/6 1035RangeRover
MB36 R4974 Bentley Continental GT VIP 6/6 1036Bentley
MB37 R0459 Road Roller Construction 1/14 Construction Road Roller
MB38 R0464 1957 GMC Stepside (NEW) Construction 2/14 '57 GMC Pick-up
MB39 R0465, T1532 Skidster (NEW) Construction 3/14 Construction skidster white
MB40 R4988 Scraper Construction 4/14 Construction Scraper yellow
MB41 R4989 Quarry King Construction 5/14 Construction Quarry King
MB42 R4991 Ground Breaker Construction 6/14 Construction Ground Breaker red
MB43 R5007 Tractor Plow Construction 7/14 1043TractorPlow
MB44 R4993 Power Lift Construction 8/14 1044PowerLift
MB45 T5941 Chevy Suburban Construction 9/14 Chevy suburban b1
MB46 R4995 MBX Mixer Construction 10/14 Construction MBX Mixer
MB47 R4997 International CXT Construction 11/14 Construction International CXT
MB48 R4998 MBX Tanker Construction 12/14 1048Tanker
MB49 R5021 Dirt Hauler Construction 13/14 Dirt hauler b1
MB50 R5023 GMC Terradyne Construction 14/14 Construction GMC Terradyne
MB51 R0460 Hazard Squad (NEW) Emergency Response 1/8 Emergency Rescue Hazard Squad
MB52 R0461 International Brush Workstar Fire Truck (NEW) Emergency Response 2/8 International WorkStar BrushFire Truck red
MB53 R4976 '78 Dodge Monaco Police Emergency Response 3/8 1053Monaco
MB54 R4979 '09 Ford E-350 Ambulance Emergency Response 4/8 Emergency Response 08 Ford E-350 Ambulance
MB55 R4983 1963 Cadillac Ambulance Emergency Response 5/8 Emergency Response 63 Cadillac Ambulance red
MB56 R1286


Pierce Dash Fire Engine Emergency Response 6/8 Pierce dash fire truck
MB57 R5019 2000 Chevrolet Impala Emergency Response 7/8 Emergency Response Chevy Impala blue
MB58 R4984 Dodge Charger Emergency Response 8/8 Emergency Response Dodge Charger Police
MB59 R0462 Ford Transit Connect Taxi (NEW) City Action 1/15 City Action Ford Transit Connect Taxi
MB60 R0463 Express Delivery (NEW) City Action 2/15 Express-Delivery
MB61 R4975 MBX Moving Truck City Action 3/15 1061Mover
MB62 R4977 GMC School Bus City Action 4/15 City Action GMC School Bus
MB63 R4978 Ice Cream Van City Action 5/15 1063IceCreamVan
MB64 R4980 MBX Street Cleaner City Action 6/15 MBX Street Cleaner (MB776)
MB65 R4981 Volkswagen Caddy City Action 7/15 1065VWCaddy
MB66 R4982 '08 Garbage Truck City Action 8/15 08 garbage truck
MB67 R4986 City Bus City Action 9/15 City Action City Bus
MB68 R4987 '06 Crown Victoria City Action 10/15 Ford crown victoria 2005 c1
MB69 R4990 '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery City Action 11/15 100 2987
MB70 R4992 '07 Ford Transit City Action 12/15 City Action 07 Ford Transit green
MB71 R4996 Route Master City Action 13/15 City action route master red
MB72 R4999 Austin Mini Van City Action 14/15 1072AustinMiniVan
MB73 R5024 GMC Wrecker City Action 15/15 City Action GMC Wrecker orange
MB74 R0470 '85 Toyota 4Runner (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 1/10 Outdoor Sportsman Toyota 4Runner blue
MB75 R0471  Yamaha Rhino (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 2/10 Outdoor Sportsman Yamaha Rhino green
MB76 R5000 '75 Chevy Stepside Pickup Outdoor Sportsman 3/10 Chevy stepside d1
MB77 R5003 Mitsubishi L200/Triton Outdoor Sportsman 4/10 Mitsubishi L200 silver
MB78 R5008 MBX Motor Home Outdoor Sportsman 5/10 Outdoor Sportsman MBX Motor Home yellow
MB79 R5010 Volkswagen T2 Bus Outdoor Sportsman 6/10 Outdoor Sportsman Volkswagen T2 Bus green
MB80 R5012 Baja Bandit Outdoor Sportsman 7/10 Outdoor Sportsman Baja Bandit
MB81 R5012 Land Rover Discovery Outdoor Sportsman 8/10 Outdoor Sportsman Land Rover Discovery
MB82 R5016 Honda Ridgeline Outdoor Sportsman 9/10 Ridgeline8
MB83 R5022 Hummer H3 Outdoor Sportsman 10/10 Outdoor Sportsman Hummer H3
MB84 R0466 Baja Bullet (NEW) Desert Endurance 1/11 Desert Endurance Baja Bullet
MB85 R0467 '10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (NEW) Desert Endurance 2/11 IMG 5277
MB86 R0468 Cliff Hanger (NEW) Desert Endurance 3/11 Cliff hanger a1
MB87 R5001 Quick Sander Desert Endurance 4/11 Desert Endurance Quick Sander
MB88 R5004 Rock Shocker Desert Endurance 5/11 Desert Endurance Rock Shocker
MB89 R5005 Sahara Survivor Desert Endurance 6/11 Sahara Survivor unpainted
MB90 R5011 '72 Ford Bronco 4x4 Desert Endurance 7/11 Desert Endurance 72 Ford Bronco beige
MB91 R5015 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Desert Endurance 8/11 Volks-beet
MB92 R5018 Off-Road Rider Desert Endurance 9/11 Desert Endurance Off-Road Rider
MB93 R5020 Desert Thunder V16 Desert Endurance 10/11 Desert thunder v16 c1
MB94 R5025 Ridge Raider Desert Endurance 11/11 Ridge raider light blue
MB95 R5002 '68 Toyota Land Cruiser Jungle Explorers 1/6 MB95-'68 Toyota Land Cruiser-R5002 A
MB96 R0469 Jeep Willys (NEW) Jungle Explorers 2/6 1096JeepWillys
MB97 R5006 Jungle Crawler Jungle Explorers 3/6 MB-62 Jungle Crawler
MB98 R5009 Volkswagen Type 181 Jungle Explorers 4/6 MB93-VW Type 181-R5009-A
MB99 R5013 MBX 4x4 Jungle Explorers 5/6 MBX 4X4 brick red
MB100 R5017


Land Rover Defender 110 Jungle Explorers 6/6 Land Rover Defender 110 1997 orange rainforest

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