2008 Ford Escape XLTEdit

2008 Ford Escape XLT is wrong new Matchbox casting for the 2014 Matchbox basic range 1-120 lineup will now must be replace the new Matchbox casting called 2013 Ford Escape will be new Matchbox casting used instead of the 2008 model of the Ford Escape.

The MBxxx 2008 Ford Escape XLT has been dropped from the 2014 Matchbox lineup but this is 2nd new Ford Escape casting that is 2008 model maybe in 2015 New Castings For The Matchbox 1-120 lineup.

This page is redirected to you 2013 Ford Escape.


Not yet released but will be released maybe sometime available in 2014. (But replaced by 2013 Ford Escape).

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