2000 Chevrolet Impala
Produced 1999-Present
Number MB420
Scale 1:66


This model of a 2000 Chevrolet Impala has been issued in the following 1/66 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB34 2000 Matchbox USA 4/5


Police, Cleveland Police shield, Dial 9-1-1 Emergency Black/ Plastic Smoke Dark Blue Split5spoke 96321 China "Cleveland Police Impala" on card Cleveland Police Impala
N/A 2000

5-Pack: Olympic Games

Dark-Yellow SYDNEY 2000, Blue Sides

Black/ Plastic

Blue Blue Split5spoke China Chevy Impala Sydney 2000
MB53 2001 Police 3/5 White Westworth Village, Emergency dial 911, Police Badge, Matchbox logo Black / Plastic Clear Dark Blue Lace 92263 China Chevrolet Impala Police
2001 Test Mission Black "Test Mission" on side doors Black / Plastic Smoke White Split5spoke 2430BJ China Chevyimpala
N/A 2001

5-Pack: Rescue Riders


Black /


Smoke Dark Blue Lace China Chevrolet Impala-2001-5Pack
2002 50th Birthday Series 10/50 White Virginia Blue Ridge Police Black / Plastic Yellow Dark Blue Lace 97508 China
MB5 2002 Safety Stars 1/5 White D.A.R.E. To Resist Drugs and Violence, White stars, Blue and red flames, Lion Gray / Plastic Blue Gray Lace 95201 China 50th Chevrolet Impala Police
MB53 2003 Hero City School Time 3/5 Medium Blue Crossing Guard, 53, lower white section, yellow stripe Silver / Plastic Gray Black Lace 97763 China 2000 CHEVROLET IMPALA on base. ChevroletImpalaPolice2003
N/A 2003

5-Pack: Police

Blue POLICE 02

Black /


Smoke Black Lace China Chevrolet Impala Police 2003
MB3 2005 Buried Treasure Blue Purple White doors, Police 466, Emergency 911, Unit 704 Black / Plastic Smoke Dark Blue Lace H1815 China MB-3 Chevrolet Impala Police
SF35 2005 Superfast White White headlight outline, black and red taillights, black trim details Black / Plastic Smoke Gray SuperfastSplitSpoke H7750 China Superfast Chevy Impala
N/A 2008 Go Diego Go 5-Pack Light Gray Diego and Leopard Black / Plastic Smoke Gray M002f Thailand 2000ChevroletImpalaGoDiegoGogray
MB58 2009 Emergency Response 4/8 White Red, Gold and Black "Fire Rescue" graphics on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df R2564 Thailand "Chevy Impala" on card 0958Impala
MB57 2010 Emergency Response 7/8 Indigo Dark Blue Gold and white scallops, Police MBX County Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df R5019 Thailand Base Code(s): C39 Emergency Response Chevy Impala blue

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