1968-Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40)
Debut Series Outdoor Sportsman
Produced 2009 - Present
Number MB764 (2009 - 2014)

MB990 (2015 - Present)

Designer Ryu Asada
Scale 1:58


The 1968-Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) has come out in the following 1/58 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB89 2009 Outdoor Sportsman 1/12 Yellow, w/White top Black, White and Silver accent tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearGunMetal N5446 Thailand Base Code(s): B22 FJLandCruiseryellow
MB89 2009 Outdoor Sportsman 1/12 Light Blue, w/White top Black, White and Silver accent tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear P6522 Thailand Base Code(s): B27, B28 '68 Toyota Land Cruiser - 1428ff
MB794 2009 New Models 10-Pack Red, w/White top Black, White and Silver accent tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Thailand Base Code(s): IMG 1946
B95 2010 Jungle Explorers 1/6 Matte Black, olive green top Honey-dew "Unit 2" at doors and "Anaconda Guides" at sides Black / Plastic Smoke Brown RingedGearGunMetal R5002 Thailand Base Code(s): C05, C07 MB95-'68 Toyota Land Cruiser-R5002 A
N/A 2010 Lesney Edition Metallic Green, white top Trim details, "Diamond plating" Unpainted / Metal Smoke Brown RingedGearWhite R1293 Thailand Lesney Edition 68 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
N/A 2010 Off-Road Adventure 10-pack White Black zebra, SAFARI Black / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearWhite N/A Thailand Base Code(s): C20 IMG01091-20110609-1943
MB95 2011 Jungle Explorers 1/6 Royal Blue / White Top Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Brown Ringed Gear T8969 Thailand Base Code(s): D09 IMG 6872
MB68 2012 Old Town 8/10 Metallic Purple / White Top Detailed trim Black / Plastic Clear Tan Ringed Gear W4859 Thailand Base Code(s): Jnp12rm094
MB90 2013

MBX Explorers 90/120

5-Pack: Mountain

Metallic Tan MBX Black / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGear Thailand Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) 2013
MB54 2014 MBX Explorers 54/120 Brown Yellow and Orange Stripes, TOYOTA Black / Plastic Clear Tan RingedGearWhite BDT48 Thailand Base Code(s): G39 PToyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) 2014
MB990 (Modified model - Plastic front & fenders)
N/A 2015 Jurassic World White Jurassic World tampo Green / Plastic Clear Black Wheel Ring TerTrouc1 DFT46 Thailand Base Code(s): H17 Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 Jurassic World
MB113 2015 MBX 1-125: MBX Explorers Orange e6, MBX, CHALLENGE 4994 Burgundy red / Plastic Clear Grey RingedGearGray Thailand Base code(s): H41 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) (2015 Orange)
MB120 2017 MBX 1-125: MBX Explorers Yellow Brown roof, TOYOTA, 54, MBX Black / Plastic Clear Brown Wheel Ring TerTrouc1 Thailand Base code(s): J42 Toyota Land Cruiser (2017 Yellow)
N/A 2017 MBX Camouflage Series Green Camouflage Black / Plastic Smoke Olive green RingedGearBrown Thailand Base code(s): J49 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (2017 Camouflage Series)