Ford Bronco 4x4 (1972)
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2006-Present
Number MB720
Scale 1:57
Ford Bronco 4x4 - 1972


  • Your entry has been accepted and you are ready to showcase your pride and joy at the annual Fabulous Fords Forever auto show. With sits classic 4x4 desert style, souped-up engine and monster tires, your '72 Ford Bronco is bound to be an absolute show-stopper!


The Ford Bronco 4x4 (1972) has come out in the following 1/57 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB58 2006 MBX Metal Powder Blue White, Magenta, and Silver tampos with Silver "Bronco on fenders Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear Rivited K7491 Thailand "Ford Bronco 4x4 - 1972" on base. Ford Bronco 4x4 - 1972
MB58 2007 MBX Metal Metalflake Dark Green Gold, Black, and White tampos with "55 Anniversary" on doors and Gold "Bronco" on fenders Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear Rivited L5045 Thailand 1972 ford bronco 2006 Anni
SF04 2007 Superfast Purple Detailed headlights, detailed taillights, trim details See Variation Below Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivited M2641 Thailand Also available with Dark Chrome Superfast 72 Ford Bronco 4x4
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Pirates Matte Brown Skull and Sabre on Black Door Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearRiveted Thailand Ford Bronco 4x4 Pirates
MB89 2008 All Terrain 2/13 School Bus Yellow Red, Black, Gray, and White tampos on sides with Gray "Bronco" fenders Chrome / Plastic Clear White Ringed Gear Rivited M5346 Thailand 72 ford bronco yellow
N/A 2008 Off-Road 5-Pack Faded Orange MBX Off-Road Team, 3, taupe section, racing tampos Dark Chrome / Plastic Smoke Caramel Ringed Gear Rivited Thailand FordBronco4X41972orange
MB95 2009 Outdoor Sportsman 7/12 Satin Blue White "75" on doors and tampos and White "Bronco" on fenders Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear Rivited P2975 Thailand 0995-FordBronco
N/A 2009 Croc Zoo 5-Pack Gray Green, Black, White and Red with Croc Zoo logo Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Rivited N9639 Thailand 09CrocZooBronco
MB75 2010 Battle Kings 2 Pack CANYON RAID Gray Maroon,White & Black Camo Pattern.#720,On Front Fender,Special OPS Commander & Image of Skull In Center Of Door,ROGUE On Side Of Bed. Black Chrome / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearBlack 16224 Thailand Base Code:C31 100 7864
N/A 2010 Off Road Adventure 10 Pack Metallic Red #22 On Undamaged Side.On The Damaged & Repaired Side Door is Primer Gray & 2 Silver Rivits Show Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear Rivited N/A Thailand Left Side shows a damaged door. The right is undamaged which shows "2." Top: Undamaged Side, Bottom: Repaired Side100 2100100 2096
N/A 2010 Nickelodean 5 Pack Slate Blue Sponge Bob & Cartoon Graphics 'Do The Jelly' on Sides Black / Plastic Clear Dark Blue Ringed Gear Rivited N/A Thailand 100 2091
MB90 2010 Desert Endurance 7/11 Flat Beige 6, Weise, Asada, Heralda, Cox Dark Chrome / Metal Smoke Black RingedGearRivitedWhite R5011 Thailand Base Code(s): C36 Desert Endurance 72 Ford Bronco beige
N/A 2010 Camping Adventure 5-pack Mustard Yellow Silver spots, silver "Bronco" on fenders. Chrome / Plastic Clear Black RGRR Thailand Base code(s): Ford bronco 4x4 c1
MB720 2011 Dreamworks:The Penguins of Madagascar 5-pack Pearl White Penguins and snow graphics on sides. Black / Metal Clear Black RingedGearRivitedWhite N/A Thailand Base Code:C45 100 7847
MB90 (USA) MB51 (INT) 2011 Desert Endurance (USA) Mainline (INT) Medium Green Bronco, Black, yellow and white sections White / Plastic Smoke White Ringed Gear Rivited T8965 Thailand Base Code(s): D25, D29 FordBronco4x4mediumgreen
MB53 2012 MBX Mountain 3/10 Chinese Red Adventure,Image Of Mountain & Chinese Lettering On Side,#4 On Front Fender White / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearOrange W4856 Thailand Base Code:D46 100 7854
MB113 2015 MBX Explorers 113/120 Black Skyjacker Suspension tampo, etc Chrome / Plastic Clear Orange Wheel Off Road orange R Gold rims CFW87 Thailand Base Code(s): G36 Ford Bronco 4x4 2015
MB118 2016 MBX Explorers Green LEIPZIG WorldTravels, etc Grey / Plastic Clear White Wheel 4x4 Orange DMH02 Thailand Base code(s): J37 2017-05-12 10.05
MB112 2018 MBX Road Trip Dark Brown Skyjacker Suspension tampo, etc Chrome/ Plastic Clear Tan Wheel Off Road orange R FRY76 Thailand